The Freaknet Guide to

Coffee Shops
There are dozens of coffee shops in Amsterdam, but unfortunately most of them are dingy tourist traps. The shops in the Red Light district seem to be particularly grim.

Our advice is to find a place where you feel comfortable, and stick with it.

Four places that we like are:
  • Kadinsky (Rosmarrijnsteeg 13)
  • Dampkring (Handboogstraat 29)
  • Dutch Flowers (Singel 387)
  • Rusland (Rusland 16)
All coffee shops sell hashish imported from North Africa, and locally-grown weed. Prices vary according to quality (5 -15 euros per gram last time we were there). It's legal to buy 5 grams at a time, and possess up to 30 grams.
It's cool to smoke in public places like parks if you're discreet, but not in restaurants, cinemas or bars. Many residents of Amsterdam are getting tired of seeing crowds of stoners disfiguring their beautiful city, and there is pressure on the authorities to clamp down. If you want to be able to enjoy Amsterdam in the future, respect the locals' right to a quiet life.